Office pods, booths & screens

Create havens of peace and privacy in your open plan office.

Plywood Office Pods

Office pods offer an enclosed space away from noise and distractions in open office layouts. Many can be moved around too. Some have acoustic qualities and can block out noise around them. They’re a great solution for offering space to focus in a large open office.

If you already have an open plan office, office pods can help create focus zones very quickly and cost-effectively, compared with redesigning an entire office.

Bespoke Office Pods

Plico design and build office pods to your exact requirements. Our range of interior and movable office pods includes acoustic office meeting pods, lounge pods, work pods, office desk pods and office phone booths. Each of which offers a wide range of materials and fabric colours to match your interior workspace.

drawings office partition options

Choice of colour and finish

Our office pods can be finished in any colour with a selection of finishes including:

  • natural finish
  • laminate
  • sprayed finish
  • fabric

To see examples of some of the laminate finishes we use visit the Formical website.

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